Linked Data for the Humanities: course at DreamLab June 2019

The DReAM Lab at the University of Pennsylvania will be hosting a course on Linked Data for the Humanities in June 2019, featuring the Mapping Manuscript Migrations project and presented by two of Oxford University’s participants in the project: Kevin Page and David Lewis.

This course introduces the concepts and technologies behind the Semantic Web and teaches attendees about the standards and practices that underpin Linked Data. Sessions offer a mix of “under the hood” technical details explaining how Linked Data ticks, alongside examples of applied Linked Data from the presenters’ own humanities research.

Through consideration of these varied uses across the humanities – including musicology, early English literature, and manuscript provenance – attendees will be familiarized with the common patterns by which Linked Data can be applied to their own specialisms.

The course will culminate in a full day studying a major new digital humanities resource from the Mapping Manuscript Migrations project, including data from the Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts, exploring the end-to-end application of Linked Data as a solution for both memory institutions and the researchers using them.

You can register for the course here:

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